Mexico 2006- 2007
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Chacala Beach, 7 foot rattlesnake (wow!). Killed nearby and skinned out on the road right behind Arvee.
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Happy hour at the beach hut. We met the guys that owned this nifty little shack and set up Arvee out front.
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At the Red Snapper in Punta Perula
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Phil from New York and his female Weimaraner Ooma rolled into the Red Snapper just after New Years
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Social director "Rosie" from Ottawa Kareoke night at the Red Snapper We all took turns with Phil's helmet
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Wed tried to pull him out but no luck 20 miles of bad road to a great deserted beach. Friends Jack & Kathy from Sooke.
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Raiding the watermelon patch, boy these were sweet!
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Dolphins are regular visitors at Perula Eleanor, David, Rob & Rosie (Ottawa)

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