Mexico 2006- 2007
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We left Arvee at the beach and went inland for a few day, this is Colima. Volcanos about 20 kms from the city.
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We're having supper on the sidewalk when a 2 hour parade came by us with over 1000 horses and Charros (cowboys)
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From Colima we drove to Tlaquepaque, lovely market town (suburb or Guadalajara). Some pics of our B&B room
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Back at the beach, we're helping Rosie celebrate her 60th at a Melaque restaurant
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Manfred & Judy from Vernon, Rob & Rosie Looking good for an old bird Rosie
image-31 image-32 image-33
Senorita Jacquelina with margarita 60's not far off for this old fart (March 27)
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Breakfast on the beach with our friends Grant & Lee of White Rock & La Manzanilla Crocodiles roam freely right by the restaurant

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