South Africa
Dec 1, 2004 to Feb 28, 2005
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This big old male lion was being hunted... by this big old Cape Buffalo and his fellow buffalo in the bush
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When things got a little too hot... he hid in the grass right beside our motorhome
image-10 image-11 image-12
Magnificent Kudu, saw lots of them
image-13 image-14 image-15
Nile crocodiles Saw huge numbers of giraffe
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image-19 image-20 image-21
Got lots of video of elephant, they were often fairly aggressive, did not care for our presence
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Pic taken about 6AM, he died later that day.
Heart attack is a common cause of death
These two seemed to be hangin' together
image-28 image-29 image-30
Huge Baobab tree, sign said 3000 years old Blue wildebeest (gnus)
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Hyenas The most we ever saw of the hippos

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