South Africa
Dec 1, 2004 to Feb 28, 2005
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Pride of lions feeding on a giraffe at the roadside
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Very early in the morning...
image-13 image-14 image-15
...single female babysitting 7 little cubs
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Elephants really do walk on tiptoe!
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Anthill, saw thousands of these Early morning again, hyenas and vultures, you know there's something dead nearby...
image-25 image-26 image-27
...and here it is, another dead elephant. We counted 14 lions on or near this kill.
image-28 image-29 image-30
We would spend hours sitting at the water holes...
image-31 image-32 image-33
...and were rewarded with scenes like this. The giraffe were a treat to watch when they drank.
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